Head of Consulting

🌎 Dutch/English - Full Time - Remote

We are looking for an ambitious profile to take the lead in our consulting department at BlackBear. You will be the driving force behind developing this part of the business. You will close new projects, talk to clients, get a feel for their goals and expectations, translate this into products & work with our team of developers to bring this vision to life. You will oversee delivery of projects and oversee the growth of the consulting team.

The projects we deliver are:

  • Consulting related to Generative AI (advising companies how to leverage this technology)

  • Custom development projects in AI space (things like chatbots or apps with cool AI features)

As Head of Consulting, you will oversee & grow this part of the business. The work can be completed in a remote fashion - as the team of BlackBear is distributed and clients are international. However, we do sometimes like to get together IRL as well to get some pizza 🏋️‍♂️.

Your profile

  • You are located in Europe

  • You are fluent in English

  • You are fluent in Dutch

  • You are enthusiastic and eager to learn

  • You have experience with Project Management / Consulting

  • You have experience with Digital projects / Development

  • You are familiar with Generative AI on a conceptual level

  • BONUS - you have basic experience with wireframing / design

  • BONUS - you have basic dev experience (Sveltekit / Django)

Your main responsibilities

  • Client Communication: Engage with clients to understand their project requirements, expectations, and timelines. Ensure continuous communication to keep them informed about the project's progress.

  • Project Planning: Develop detailed project plans, outlining the scope, timeline, resources, and budget. Ensure all stakeholders are aligned with the plan.

  • Team Coordination: Work closely with our team of developers, designers, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned with the project goals and deliverables.

  • Growth & Strategy: Expand the team, onboard more clients, and fine-tune our services and delivery process.

What you can expect

  • Great level of autonomy in your work

  • Fitting compensation & growth opportunities

  • Coaching from Founders with 6+ years consulting background & previous founders of Purple Panda

  • Entrepreneurial journey in a safe environment

Do you tick most of the boxes in this list? Or are there some still open but you have a great attitude and want to learn? 💪 Contact us at

What if?

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Find out by sending an email to or booking a call with the button below.
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